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There is a surplus of Maine-based color to choose from and we’re convinced there’s something in that cool, clean water that makes for an extra-inspired creative class. When it comes to scary stories, we fall into the extreme fraidy cat category. No Maine round-up would be complete without a Stephen King inclusion, however, and the prolific writer’s brilliant memoir lets us off the ‘sleeping with the lights on’ hook. We have fond memories of a high school English class due in large part to Thoreau: this explorer’s log will have you romanticizing life as a woods(wo)man. We know it’s a picture book but this childhood classic left a first and lasting impression of The Pine Tree State. We’ve sung the praises of the family-owned and operated Harbor Fish Market and this cookbook is the next best thing to being in on the action. We can’t skip an opportunity to plug one of our all-time fave flicks and Portland native Anna Kendrick’s breakout role – we’ll use any excuse to watch it. Finally, a trio of three local mags rounds out our picks.

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